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Poker Suit Seniority

    Virtually all card games, one way or another, use in the drawings the seniority of one or another suit. However, in poker, the suit has virtually no effect on determining the winners or the distribution of chips. All suits have the same rank. Except for some specific situations.
    In these situations, the generally accepted seniority of suits is taken into account:

The distribution of seats at the gaming table. Usually places are chosen arbitrarily, however, if agreed, you can distribute them by distributing to each player a map. If several players have the same rank cards, the seniority is determined by suit.

Determination of the dealer in the first hand. In a manner similar to the distribution of seats, it is determined who will start the game at the button.

Mandatory turn in 7-card and 5-card Stud Poker. In the herd there is no position of the distributing player, so the first move in the initial bidding is made by the holder of the weakest open card. If several players have the same rank cards, the right turn is determined by their suits.

Resolution of various disputable situations. This happens rarely, but it still happens. For example, when a bank is divided between two players, and in the draw an odd number of chips. In such a situation, all that can be divided is divided. And the rest goes to the owner of the highest card or suit (if the highest cards match).

The hierarchy of poker suits.

From the strongest suit to the weakest:

– Spades. S is written, for example: 5s – 5s

– Hearts. H is written, for example: 3h – 3h

– Diamonds. D is written, for example: 2d – 2d

– Clubs. It is written c, for example: Ac – ac

    This is the French model for designating the suit in poker and determining their rank. In the ancient variations of poker that existed in this country, the rush suit personified the nobility, the worm suit – the clergy, the tambourines symbolized the merchant layer, and the club suit – the workers and peasants. The social model of the then French society forever entrenched in card games.

5 advantages of online poker

    Watching the evolution of poker can be delighted. This card game has managed to move from dirty saloons to the most expensive casinos in the world, and then to the Internet. Today, access to online poker is open to anyone who wants to become a part of one of the most exciting games.
    You can play online anytime and anywhere where there is Internet access. In this case, the player can use a desktop computer, tablet, laptop or even a smartphone. However, the availability of the advantages of online poker does not end there. We offer to consider the five main advantages of virtual poker.

Variety of disciplines

    Only in online mode a player can enjoy all the charms of no-limit Hold’em, pot-limit Omaha, Badugi, Chinese poker and other varieties of the game. It should be emphasized that no one forbids simultaneously playing several types of poker. This will help hone your skills and improve your level of skill in any discipline.

Variety of limits

    In the online format is easy to find a comfortable level of rates for themselves. These may be microlimits or exorbitant rates. The presence of such an alternative allows the player to feel free, because thanks to this you can most effectively use your bankroll.

Generous prizes

Online poker provides an opportunity to win dozens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, while investing no more than 10 conventional units. In some cases, players became millionaires by investing $ 5 (well-known spin-and-go from PokerStars).


Virtual poker provides the ability to play on multiple tables at the same time, which is physically impossible in offline mode. If a player is confident in his abilities, or he simply lacks spectacles, he can load a few more tables and make a company to new opponents. Multitebbing will not let the player get bored, because in such a format it is necessary to maintain maximum concentration.

A variety of poker rooms

You can play not only for several tables, but also in completely different poker rooms. Using the best deals from various companies (bonuses, promotions, free tournaments, etc.), a player can enjoy exciting time without financial investments.

    Today, the mention of poker is primarily associated with online poker, which makes the game popular and beloved among a huge number of players from all over the world. Online poker is a real opportunity to improve your well-being and have fun, and in the modern world it is almost impossible to meet such a combination.

Poker Cash Outs: When Should I Cash Out?

  Bankroll management includes not only the correct allocation of funds for playing online poker, but also the ability to make cash outs (money withdrawal). It is very important to understand how much and when you can withdraw, and what to leave for the game.
    We will highlight 5 steps that will help you build a smart cash out strategy.

  1. Determine with which type of player you are positioning yourself. First, decide for yourself whether you want to become a professional, semi-professional or amateur player. A professionalist usually regularly withdraws money for everyday needs. Semi-professional displays money not often as an additional income. Fans withdraw money to buy something big.
  2. Bring your poker goals. Next come from your goals in the game. Do you want to play at the highest limits with top players, on medium ones with a stable income, or are you comfortable at the micro limits?
  3. Medium to high limit cash outs. At medium limits (NL100 – NL1000) you can already withdraw decent money. It is about 5-6 thousand dollars a month. Again, if you want to go up to the hi-stax (NL2000 +), then you should not make cash outs, and leave money in the game. Also at medium stakes you will receive a decent rakeback. You can safely remove it. The amount of rakeback will depend on your poker room.
  4. Withdraw money once a month. Make it a rule to make cash outs once a month, of course, subject to a positive game. This is comparable with the salary. Frequent withdrawals will have a bad effect on the bankroll, because, as was said, no one has canceled the variance in poker.
  5. Invest in training and poker software. Any serious player will tell you that investing in learning and acquiring poker software cannot do without. Programs such as Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker or books about poker will pay off quickly. Of course, it is better to use money from a profit for these purposes, but if the game does not stick, then you can allocate funds from a bankroll. The main thing that the game brought a steady income.

Computer for poker – how to choose?

For a poker player, it is important not only the ability to play well, but also to have a good PC to play. But not everyone can spend $ 1,000 or more. Therefore, below we will present some tips on choosing a budget PC at around $ 500 for playing online poker.
1. Take components for the PC, but not in the collection
PC assembly usually cost more by 30-40% than if you took the computer in parts. This is due to the fact that stores or brands throw on top of it for assembly. Therefore, if you have two hands and a head, then it will not be difficult to assemble a PC from the components. On the Internet a lot of video instructions on this topic.
2. Pay special attention to the processor and motherboard bundle.
The main brands of processors are AMD and Intel. It is believed that the game is better suited to Intel, as it is faster. AMD processors are quite hot and the usual cooler can not cope. Look at the socket processor. It must match the parameter with the motherboard.
3. Do not take a powerful graphics card
In modern processors, there is a video core that “pulls” movies and even 2010 games. An integrated video card is enough for the game.
4. Buy 2 memory bars
8 GB DDR III seems to be enough. 16 GB is much better, but expensive. It is better to take two strips of 4 GB, which will speed up the PC.
5. Take SSD drive
SSD drive at times will increase the speed of your PC. All programs installed on it will work faster. 120 GB is the minimum you need. Fans of games and movies is better to purchase a standard 1 GB HHD to interfere with all other files.
6. Do not waste on the case and power supply
With such components will be enough 400w power supply, and the body choose from the form factor of the motherboard.
7. Choose an inexpensive monitor
The monitor is a rather expensive item on our list. Choose a monitor that can accommodate your number of tables. The price will depend on the diagonal and expansion.

Differences between online and offline poker

     The modern poker community is divided into two camps: some prefer a live game, others successfully conquer the game online. Of course, many successfully combine these two areas, but then we’ll look at the advantages and compare it with online poker.

Eye contact with an opponent

    This is probably the most significant difference between online poker and playing at a live table. In a live game you have control of facial expressions, gestures and reaction of opponents to the situation in the game. In the online game this is not. For the most part, the psychological skills of playing a player online are not required. The most important poker mathematics, calculation and betting strategy.

Convenience of the game

    Convenience and accessibility is another significant component of online poker. Live, and most importantly legal, the game can be enjoyed in the poker clubs of Alma City or Bombay, or casino. And they are located in many countries only in certain gambling zones. For online games you will need a computer or some portable device (tablet, smartphone) and Internet access – everything! Download, turn on and sit down at the virtual table. You always see the number of chips, the remaining time and the size of the bets. It is very convenient and accessible even for very beginners.

Speed of the game

    Live game takes place measuredly, without much dynamics. The dealer collects cards, shuffles, hands out, trades, and so on. All these actions take time. Also, the player is given enough time to consider the move to weigh everything. Of course, if the opponent is not going to wait any longer, he can start a timer and within a minute you have to issue a decision.
    And what do we see in online poker? The dynamics of the game here just rolls over. Cards are dealt almost instantly, 15-20 seconds are allotted for a move, taking into account extra time from 30 to 90 seconds. This game speed allows you to play significantly more hands in a period of time than you would play at live tables.

Additional programs

     Such programs are called poker software. There are prohibited programs, but most are completely legal and allowed to use. Functions are different. Keeping hands in history, statistics of other players and statistics of bets, odds, combinations, and more. They help many players well, even professionals can not do without them and recommend using them to improve the quality of the game.