Computer for poker – how to choose?

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For a poker player, it is important not only the ability to play well, but also to have a good PC to play. But not everyone can spend $ 1,000 or more. Therefore, below we will present some tips on choosing a budget PC at around $ 500 for playing online poker.
1. Take components for the PC, but not in the collection
PC assembly usually cost more by 30-40% than if you took the computer in parts. This is due to the fact that stores or brands throw on top of it for assembly. Therefore, if you have two hands and a head, then it will not be difficult to assemble a PC from the components. On the Internet a lot of video instructions on this topic.
2. Pay special attention to the processor and motherboard bundle.
The main brands of processors are AMD and Intel. It is believed that the game is better suited to Intel, as it is faster. AMD processors are quite hot and the usual cooler can not cope. Look at the socket processor. It must match the parameter with the motherboard.
3. Do not take a powerful graphics card
In modern processors, there is a video core that “pulls” movies and even 2010 games. An integrated video card is enough for the game.
4. Buy 2 memory bars
8 GB DDR III seems to be enough. 16 GB is much better, but expensive. It is better to take two strips of 4 GB, which will speed up the PC.
5. Take SSD drive
SSD drive at times will increase the speed of your PC. All programs installed on it will work faster. 120 GB is the minimum you need. Fans of games and movies is better to purchase a standard 1 GB HHD to interfere with all other files.
6. Do not waste on the case and power supply
With such components will be enough 400w power supply, and the body choose from the form factor of the motherboard.
7. Choose an inexpensive monitor
The monitor is a rather expensive item on our list. Choose a monitor that can accommodate your number of tables. The price will depend on the diagonal and expansion.