Differences between online and offline poker

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     The modern poker community is divided into two camps: some prefer a live game, others successfully conquer the game online. Of course, many successfully combine these two areas, but then we’ll look at the advantages and compare it with online poker.

Eye contact with an opponent

    This is probably the most significant difference between online poker and playing at a live table. In a live game you have control of facial expressions, gestures and reaction of opponents to the situation in the game. In the online game this is not. For the most part, the psychological skills of playing a player online are not required. The most important poker mathematics, calculation and betting strategy.

Convenience of the game

    Convenience and accessibility is another significant component of online poker. Live, and most importantly legal, the game can be enjoyed in the poker clubs of Alma City or Bombay, or casino. And they are located in many countries only in certain gambling zones. For online games you will need a computer or some portable device (tablet, smartphone) and Internet access – everything! Download, turn on and sit down at the virtual table. You always see the number of chips, the remaining time and the size of the bets. It is very convenient and accessible even for very beginners.

Speed of the game

    Live game takes place measuredly, without much dynamics. The dealer collects cards, shuffles, hands out, trades, and so on. All these actions take time. Also, the player is given enough time to consider the move to weigh everything. Of course, if the opponent is not going to wait any longer, he can start a timer and within a minute you have to issue a decision.
    And what do we see in online poker? The dynamics of the game here just rolls over. Cards are dealt almost instantly, 15-20 seconds are allotted for a move, taking into account extra time from 30 to 90 seconds. This game speed allows you to play significantly more hands in a period of time than you would play at live tables.

Additional programs

     Such programs are called poker software. There are prohibited programs, but most are completely legal and allowed to use. Functions are different. Keeping hands in history, statistics of other players and statistics of bets, odds, combinations, and more. They help many players well, even professionals can not do without them and recommend using them to improve the quality of the game.