Poker Cash Outs: When Should I Cash Out?

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  Bankroll management includes not only the correct allocation of funds for playing online poker, but also the ability to make cash outs (money withdrawal). It is very important to understand how much and when you can withdraw, and what to leave for the game.
    We will highlight 5 steps that will help you build a smart cash out strategy.

  1. Determine with which type of player you are positioning yourself. First, decide for yourself whether you want to become a professional, semi-professional or amateur player. A professionalist usually regularly withdraws money for everyday needs. Semi-professional displays money not often as an additional income. Fans withdraw money to buy something big.
  2. Bring your poker goals. Next come from your goals in the game. Do you want to play at the highest limits with top players, on medium ones with a stable income, or are you comfortable at the micro limits?
  3. Medium to high limit cash outs. At medium limits (NL100 – NL1000) you can already withdraw decent money. It is about 5-6 thousand dollars a month. Again, if you want to go up to the hi-stax (NL2000 +), then you should not make cash outs, and leave money in the game. Also at medium stakes you will receive a decent rakeback. You can safely remove it. The amount of rakeback will depend on your poker room.
  4. Withdraw money once a month. Make it a rule to make cash outs once a month, of course, subject to a positive game. This is comparable with the salary. Frequent withdrawals will have a bad effect on the bankroll, because, as was said, no one has canceled the variance in poker.
  5. Invest in training and poker software. Any serious player will tell you that investing in learning and acquiring poker software cannot do without. Programs such as Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker or books about poker will pay off quickly. Of course, it is better to use money from a profit for these purposes, but if the game does not stick, then you can allocate funds from a bankroll. The main thing that the game brought a steady income.