Poker Suit Seniority

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    Virtually all card games, one way or another, use in the drawings the seniority of one or another suit. However, in poker, the suit has virtually no effect on determining the winners or the distribution of chips. All suits have the same rank. Except for some specific situations.
    In these situations, the generally accepted seniority of suits is taken into account:

The distribution of seats at the gaming table. Usually places are chosen arbitrarily, however, if agreed, you can distribute them by distributing to each player a map. If several players have the same rank cards, the seniority is determined by suit.

Determination of the dealer in the first hand. In a manner similar to the distribution of seats, it is determined who will start the game at the button.

Mandatory turn in 7-card and 5-card Stud Poker. In the herd there is no position of the distributing player, so the first move in the initial bidding is made by the holder of the weakest open card. If several players have the same rank cards, the right turn is determined by their suits.

Resolution of various disputable situations. This happens rarely, but it still happens. For example, when a bank is divided between two players, and in the draw an odd number of chips. In such a situation, all that can be divided is divided. And the rest goes to the owner of the highest card or suit (if the highest cards match).

The hierarchy of poker suits.

From the strongest suit to the weakest:

– Spades. S is written, for example: 5s – 5s

– Hearts. H is written, for example: 3h – 3h

– Diamonds. D is written, for example: 2d – 2d

– Clubs. It is written c, for example: Ac – ac

    This is the French model for designating the suit in poker and determining their rank. In the ancient variations of poker that existed in this country, the rush suit personified the nobility, the worm suit – the clergy, the tambourines symbolized the merchant layer, and the club suit – the workers and peasants. The social model of the then French society forever entrenched in card games.